ConstraintLayout - Comprehensive cheat-sheet

This is a quick cheat-sheet I put together while researching all the capabilities of ConstraintLayout for a complex layout. Most other resources I found were either too basic or focusing »

Quill is now Ghost for Android - the official app!

It's been a year and a half since I launched Quill, a sweet little Android app for writing and publishing blog posts with Ghost. In that time, it has received »

How to Write Docs for People that Don't Read (i.e., for everyone)

"My users don't read my docs!" - this is a perennial problem for a lot of developers. The talk below gives some great tips for dealing with this, »

2016: year in review

This post is a retrospective on all the tech/geeky stuff I did in 2016. Quill - Android app for bloggers After obsessing over it literally for months, perfecting small »

Talk: How Bitcoin Works

We've started this thing at my company where, every Friday evening, one of us gives a talk on something—anything—that would be interesting to the group. So far we've »

Eve: programming for humans

A few days ago, the Eve project released an ambitious new version of their "programming for humans" environment. It is just the latest in a venerable succession of »

Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree: a brief review

Since I don't have enough time to write up a full review, I've just copy-pasted my brief review from Udacity's website below. Maybe I'll update this someday to a more »

Introducing Quill for Ghost: the beautiful, offline-ready Android app for your Ghost blog

Today I'm excited to launch the public beta for Quill, a beautiful native Android app that brings all the major features of Ghost admin to your phone or tablet. Plus, »

Architecting your Android app for an offline mode

This is a series of posts about my experience leveling up my Android development skills with Udacity's Nanodegree program. The entire series can be found under the udacity tag here. »

Comparing Retrofit 2.0 vs. Volley

Executive summary: Retrofit 2 and Volley are both great networking libraries for modern Android apps, but each has its own strengths that are worth weighing for critical projects. Use Retrofit »